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Two Questions for Visual Thinkers

Visual Thinking Warmup

What flavors are you bringing to your work?

Build Your Body of Work

Drawing Stick Figures Playing Baseball

Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

Don't Get Good at Drawing

The End-of-History Illusion

How Your Mind is Rigged Against You, Endless Paper App, and Adding Characters to a Scene

The Extended Mind Book Summary, Creating a Notes Palace, and Welcoming Students with Sketchnotes

Thinking, Fast and Slow book club starts next week!

Learning Styles vs Dual Coding, Procreate Dreams, & Inktober

Graphic Journalism, Visual Frameworks, and Climate Change Education

Sketchnote Book Club and the Power of Pink Sheets

Sketchnoting Workshops, Drawing Emotions, and Learning in Public

Drawing Faces Like Mo Willems

Back-of-the-Envelope Video, reMarkable Update, and a Procreate Icon Library

Awe in the Rainforest

The reMarkable 2 Tablet, Flashcard Apps, & How to Draw a Handshake

Turning a Book into a Lens

Impact vs Effort, The Leitner System, & Essentialism

Revisiting Essentialism

Obsidian, Apple Vision Pro, & Layered Sketchnoting

Retrieval Runs

Media Ecosystems, Human Design, & Knowledge vs Creativity

Am I Still a Digital Minimalist?

Sketchnote Simulator, Style Guides, & Race Plans

Visual Frameworks, Sketchnoting Apps, & Make It Stick

Digital Immigrants, Educational Videos on Climate Change, and a Verbose Steamroller

Boredom & Burnout, Live Sketchnoting with Concepts App, and New Course Lessons

Emotional Intelligence, "Astilla", and Knuffle Bunny